Frequently Asked Questions
Where are you located?

Rideau Works is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  The shop is located near the airport.  If you wish to visit please use the contact form.

Do you handle the installations of the stone lights/tables/sculptures?
No.  Moving and handling large stone pieces takes specialized machinery and is usually best done by a Landscape or Excavation company. 
Do you deliver?
No.  However all pricing includes loading onto your delivery vehicle.  Flatbed trucks and trailers are preferred.   For jobs outside of the Ottawa area I can arrange shipping.
Will you load my SUV/Pickup truck?
Generally No.  Even a small stone piece can weigh over 500 lbs (typical pieces are 3000 to 12000 lbs!!!).  You will need some type of heavy equipment to unload (forklift, skidsteer etc) and move the item.
What Landscape lighting do you use?
We can provide the stone with or without lights installed.  We can use any brand of low voltage LED landscape lighting you chose.  However this must be decided before the stone is cut, as it will determine hole sizes used for the lights.  It is recommended to use a premium brand with known longevity.  Our goto lighting system is In-Lite Designs.
I am a Landscape Designer and have my own designs, can you cut them?
Yes! Collaboration is welcome. Ideally you have a drawing, either in SVG, DXF, or STL format to work from.
I am a Landscape Designer, do you have 3D models that I can use in my designs?

Yes! On our products page next to the item images will be links to 3D format files (Sketchup, and .obj).  Most items will have a photo realistic 3D model and a link to Augmented Reality (AR), so that you or your client can view the piece 'in situ' on a phone or tablet (iPhone SE or above, iPad/iPad mini 5th gen or above, iPad Pro all, iPad Air 3rd gen or above, Android - most phones 4 years old or newer).  No special app or software is needed.  Just view the website on the phone or tablet and tap on the AR icon Active AR button.

Can I supply the stone?
Yes.  Although you will need to have it transported to our shop.  Not all stone is created equal, it is best to send pictures before committing to transport, so that we can assess the suitability of the stone.
I am working with a commercial client, can you incorporate a logo in your design?
Yes.  Ideally either an SVG or DXF file with the logo should be provided, however we can work with image files as well.
What does Rideau mean?
Rideau is the name of the river that the shop is next to.  It is one of two rivers that flow through Ottawa, and makes up the waterway known as the Rideau canal.
Why can't I purchase online?
I want anyone who purchases one of the landscape items to have a pleasant experience.  To that end, I need to talk to the person first, to make sure that they understand all that is involved with the purchase and the additional expenses that will be required (delivery, installation).
What methods of payment do you accept?
eTransfer is ideal.  Otherwise cheque or cash.  HST is charged on all orders delievered to a Canadian address.   All prices are in Canadian dollars.